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Unemployment Claim Management & Appeals

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Streamline your management of unemployment benefits claims. Find out how to respond to our Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits, Earnings Verification request and Notice of Maximum Potential Chargeback. Understand your rights and responsibilities, how to appeal a decision and more.

Respond to a Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits

Respond online to our notice that your employee has applied for unemployment benefits.

Use Online Employer Benefits Services

Use the Internet to access Unemployment Benefits information. Get your unemployment benefits correspondence online by registering to use the Employer Benefits Services portal and signing up for Electronic Correspondence.

Respond to an Earnings Verification Request

Respond online when we ask you to verify your employee's earnings.

Learn about Benefit Chargebacks

Learn about chargebacks (claims on which you were not the claimant’s last employer that may affect your tax rate) and how to protest a potential charge to your unemployment tax account.

Learn how to respond to a Notice of Maximum Potential Chargeback

Job offer or return-to-work offer refused? Let us know.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits, claimants must be willing, able, and available for full-time work and they must apply for and accept suitable work. If you made a job offer to an applicant or gave your employees a chance to return to work but they refused, TWC needs to know. Please report these instances on our online Employer Work Refusal Documentation form. Although TWC will take appropriate action when you submit a report on individuals receiving unemployment benefits, not all submissions will prompt a return correspondence.

If the person did not appear for the interview or refused the job due to a reason not listed on the Documentation form, select Other from the Reason for Refusal drop-down menu, and give a short description in the Refusal Other Description field.

Employers can use these instructionsPDF to help with completing the form. 

Employers who posted a job on WorkInTexas.com can follow these instructionsPDF to report why an applicant was not hired.

Submit Your Return-to-Work Information

Electronically submit return-to-work information to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

Submit your return-to-work information by logging on to our Employer Benefits Services (EBS) portal. You can submit return-to-work dates for an individual employee(s), for a number of employees statewide, or upload a specific list of employees.

Designate a Mailing Address

Choose one mailing address for your unemployment insurance notices, even if you have multiple locations, to receive unemployment notices at a single location.

Designate a mailing address

Appeal a Decision on an Unemployment Claim

Find everything you need to know about appealing TWC decisions on unemployment benefits claims or checking appeal status.

Learn about:

The unemployment benefits appeal process
How to appeal a decision
What to do before the appeal hearing
What happens during the appeal hearing
Next steps after the appeal hearing

Consider Shared Work & Mass Claims

Explore options for avoiding layoffs or learn how to use the mass claims process when large layoffs are necessary. You can create a shared work plan to reduce employee hours instead of reducing your workforce. Use the mass claims process when you have a large layoff to reduce your paperwork, ensure proper payment and automatically protect your rights on each claim.

Save jobs with a shared work plan
Use our mass claims process
Learn more about preventing & managing layoffs

Learn How Unemployment Claims Affect Your Business & Taxes

Find employer-specific information about unemployment benefits and taxes or learn about unemployment tax rates.